Stretch Your Thinking

"A person's mind, once stretched by a new idea,

never regains its original dimensions "

Oliver Wendel Holmes

With 20 years business experience (including senior leadership roles), and a coach since 2012, I have helped scores of senior leaders and middle managers discover a new way of working that is authentic,  and which breeds greater confidence and organisational impact.

My clients are often working in a context of significant uncertainty, limited resources and high expectations. Coaching is an opportunity to step back and discover new strengths as well as how to use familiar skills in new ways.

From identifying practical tools for handling challenges in the moment, to developing clarity and strategies for longer-term change, I partner with individuals to find their own answers -  so that they leave coaching with the clarity and resources to stop surviving, and start  thriving at work.

Examples of common themes in my coaching include:

  • Agility - increasing own / team's resilience under pressure,
  • Stepping back - growing personal impact as a leader,
  • Managing uncertainty, and leading others through change,
  • Motivating - creating a positive climate during change,
  • Handling challenging relationships,
  • Letting go - freeing up space for what’s important.


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"I have been amazed and delighted by the progress I've made"
(Lisa, Director)

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